Seven Principles

Seven Principles of Our Practice

1. Non-violence

Staff and service users are committed to communication and interactions that are free from verbal, emotional and physical violence.

2. Participatory

Service users have the right to inform and play an active role in the decision making process in regards to our work with them. Participation focusses on discovering and uncovering potential and provides opportunities for self actualisation.

3. Connectedness

IFYS is dedicated to strengthening and maintaining relationships between service users, their families, friends and their community. IFYS Limited is committed to building capacity with individuals in their community of choice.

4. Attachment Building

IFYS Limited facilitates opportunities for service users to build secure relationships and attachments, relevant to their needs.

5. Developmentally Focussed

Activities offered to service users are appropriate to each individual’s zone of proximal development. Interventions are designed and delivered to promote successful experiences.

6. Ecologically Orientated

IFYS Limited staff understand that the relationships with service users are part of a larger ecology. Face-to-face interaction with service users, the activities promoted and the physical environment in which they live and work, all have an impact on individual trajectories.

7. Resilience

IFYS Limited staff acknowledge and encourage life skill development as a means of optimal opportunity for all service users to be self-reliant and resilient in times of adversity.