The IFYS Way

In addition to our Mission and Vision, IFYS is working towards Sanctuary certification. The Sanctuary Model is a workplace culture-change program that educates people how to cope more effectively with adversity and stress, and aims to prevent trauma symptoms. The Sanctuary Model introduces a number of workplace practices to create positive culture change for all employees and service users.

Positive Change

Results can include improved communication and morale among staff, fewer incidents of client to staff violence and reduced staff turnover. When fully embedded, an organisations' service users will benefit from fewer trauma symptoms, enhanced social skills, improved judgment, and decision-making and healthier relationships. The model and tools add value as Sanctuary:

  • Encourages us to rethink the way we manage conflict and crisis intervention.
  • Supports staff to form healthy communities and create a culture that prioritises safety and wellbeing at every level within an organisation.
  • Creates an understanding of how past adversity can continue to have an impact throughout our life.
  • Increases awareness organisation-wide that trauma has an impact not only on the people who have experienced it, but also on the staff who work with them and on the organisation as a whole.

In addition, IFYS expects all employees to conform to our core values as voted by employees some years ago: Integrity, Respect, Inclusiveness, Compassion and Teamwork.