Child and Family Services

Partners In Action

Partners In Action (PIA) are responsible for collaboration and partnerships that seek to strengthen service system integration to improve community and sector based responses to domestic and family violence. The team raise community awareness and are available to provide education sessions, consultations and professional development opportunities for community members and sector providers.

For more information about Partners In Action, visit our website or contact IFYS on (07) 5438 3000 and ask to speak with Domestic and Family Violence Team for more information.

Emergency Relief

Our Emergency Relief program is open and can assist individuals and families in the Sunshine Coast region with acute financial assistance. We also have a large donation of new bedding including double beds and sheets. Please contact our Head Office on (07) 5438 3000 for an appointment.

Assessment and Services Connect

IFYS’s Assessment and Service Connect (ASC) Program seeks to increase the safety of children, young people and families, ensuring children are cared for, protected and able to reach their full potential.

ASC receives referrals only from the Department responsible for Child Safety, in relation to families who have come to the attention of the Department due to reports of harm, or alleged risk of harm, where there is a current open investigation.  ASC aims to connect referred families with the right support services, at the right time and in the right place.   ASC is a voluntary service, supporting children, young people and their families to identify goals that increase their safety, sense of belonging, and overall wellbeing.  Where cultural needs are identified, ASC can assist with connection to culture and appropriate services.

IFYS provides an ASC co-responses in the Child Safety catchment areas of the Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay and Cairns and Surrounds regions.

Contact (07) 5438 3000 if you require any information about our Assessment and Service Connect programs