You Can Help


You Can Help

Inclusive Kids is the fundraising arm of IFYS Ltd through which we raise much needed funds to support children and young people aged 0-18. Our aim is to create better inclusion into community life for children that would otherwise be isolated through poverty, family breakdown, disability or severe illness. 

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Property & Services Donations

If you wish to donate something other than money, such as property, goods or services, please contact IFYS Limited on (07) 5438 3000 or email:

Our Position

IFYS Limited endeavours to create and operate by a strong culture of compliance in regard to all our financial responsibilities and requirements.

IFYS Limited enlists the services of independent auditors and we abide by the guidelines and the recommendations endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office.

We have Endorsement for Deductible Gift Recipient Status and we have an Endorsement for Tax Deductibility Concessions.

We are also a registered charity in every state of Australia.

ABN: 69 131 388 102