Child Protection

Child Protection

Foster and Kinship Care

IFYS Limited has been providing foster and kinship care services to children and young people, in the care of the Department of Child Safety, since 1992.

Our service is contracted to support children and young people who live locally on the Sunshine Coast and Cairns. As all children and young people are different and have unique needs, so is the kind of care and support that is needed. If you are interested in becoming a Foster Carer please visit our site.

Residential Care

IFYS Limited host multiple Residential Care services across Queensland spanning from South Queensland through to far North Queensland and continues to develop new services to support our most vulnerable young people in the Child Protection system.

IFYS Limited ’ vision is to support and strengthen communities by providing sustainable and purposeful service delivery; IFYS Limited recruits to the needs of the services required and encourages diversity that reflects the diversity of young people in care.