Support Programs

IFYS’ transition services support young people, aged 15-25 years, who have a connection with the Child Protection and/or Justice Systems, assisting them to develop independent living skills, and access resources and opportunities, such as training, employment and housing.  The Live, Learn and Earn Team offer support, advocacy and practical assistance, through the following programs:

Beyond Expectations

Beyond Expectations focuses on supporting 15-19 year olds who are or were engaged with Child Safety and is available to young people living in Gympie, the Sunshine Coast, the Moreton Bay Region and Brisbane.  This program helps young people to reengage in education, access training opportunities, and gain the skills and confidence to obtain employment.  Contact or 5438 3000 and ask to speak with the Live, Learn and Earn Team, for information about eligibility and referrals.

Fresh Start

Fresh Start offers assistance to 15-24 year olds connected with Youth Justice or Probation and Parole.  Case Managers can assist young people with their career pathway through access to training, helping with job readiness and opening doors to employment.  This program is available to young people in Gympie and on the Sunshine Coast. Contact or 5438 3000 and ask to speak with the Live, Learn and Earn Team, for information about eligibility and referrals.

Next Step Aftercare Service

The Next Step Aftercare Service is available to 15-25 year olds who are transitioning from the Child Protection System and care leavers. The program provides support with independent living skills such as budgeting and cooking, assisting young people to access critical services and supports, obtain housing, gain their driver licence, and access training and employment opportunities.  This is a statewide program, delivered by IFYS in Gympie, the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay Region.  Contact or 5438 3000 and ask to speak with the Live, Learn and Earn Team, for information about eligibility and referrals.

If you are an individual or business who wants to help, by mentoring a young person keen to obtain employment and seeking advice or you could provide a young person with insight into the world of work through work experience or a visit to your workplace, please contact the Live, Learn and Earn Team on 5438 3000. 

Youth Support Program

Youth Support Program is a school-based initiative aimed at assisting young people who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness, to remain connected to school, family and support networks. Servicing the Sunshine Coast secondary school cluster of Mountain Creek and Maroochydore, the program aims to link schools and community services together to improve the early identification of homelessness risk within schools and to co-ordinate developmental processes and programs within each school community.

Emergency Relief Program

ER (Emergency Relief) is offered to all ages through special funding from the Australian Government Department of Social services. 

During an ER appointment, an assessment will take place where services users are asked to bring their income statement and any other supporting documentation to evidence situational, short term or long term hardship. Ie bills, rent agreements, etc.  This will also create an opportunity for IFYS to identify any other areas, where support can be provided.

These funds are distributed through partnership organisations and the following IFYS locations:


Monday, Wednesday & Friday's 0900 - 1200 (Please call to make an appointment)

108 Parker St, Maroochydore P: (07) 54383000


By appointment only

Beerwah Youth and Community Centre, 32 Sports Ground Drive P: 54383000 

Coolum Civic Centre

By appointment only

Coolum Civic Centre, Jack Morgan Park Street, Coolum Beach P: 54383000

*All Emergency Relief services are closed on public holidays and over the Christmas and New year holiday.

*Times may be subject to change.

Youth Engagement & Linkage Service

YELS (Youth Engagement and Linkage Service) is a collaborative initiative that provides support, outreach and group work to young people from 12 - 21 years engaging in high risk behaviours, disconnected from family, school or their community or who are at risk of disconnecting or experiencing personal difficulties but are not sure who can help or where to start looking. 

The team delivers mobile services from Caloundra to Maroochydore, Coolum and Noosa as well as Beerwah, Landsborough and Glasshouse areas where particular public space issues have an impact upon young people and communities. Alternatively, you can access services from three locations in Maroochydore, Beerwah and Coolum.  Call for more information on (07) 54383000.

YELS assists young people to make connections with support services and provides responsive interventions to young people who lack links to supportive networks and services. 

YELS workers can provide individual client support and assist with a range of referrals, including but not limited to:

• Education and Training.

• Health Services.

• Financial Assistance and Emergency Transport.

• Housing.

• Family and Relationship Support.

• Access to Drug and Alcohol Services.

• Legal Support.

• Specialist visiting Services including Centrelink, Counselling and Employment Services.

Monday – Friday 0830 – 1600

P: (07) 54383000

*YELS is closed on public holidays and over the Christmas and New year holiday.

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Reconnect Program

Reconnect is a Youth Homelessness Early Intervention Program, funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services (DSS), that offers a range of support services to meet the individual needs of young people and families where relationship difficulties and other pressures threaten family disintegration.

The central focus of Reconnect is to assist young people and families to remain connected to each other and to the community, before issues such as early school leaving and homelessness occur. Reconnect recognises that individual young people and families may have impacting multiple needs requiring early intervention strategies.

The program is working actively with local services and people to develop a regional strategy in regards to issues surrounding youth homelessness. 

Young Parents Support Program

Individual Support- Individual support happens in a flexible way that is about meeting the needs of young pregnant and parenting families up to 25years of age. This can include outreach support, such as meeting at a family home, a park or a cafe. YPSP workers can help transport parents and their children to appointments. Support is also available by phone, text and email, as well as at the groups. The case management provided often includes emotional and practical support such as budgeting and development of family skills, as well as provision of information and assisting to link families to a range of services. At YPSP we help families to identify their own strengths and goals and support them to work towards achieving their goals.

Groups - Young Parents Support Program (YPSP) groups are groups that welcome all parents that are 25 years old and under. Coming to YPSP groups gives parents a chance to socialise with other parents and their children, access information and support, relax, enjoy a shared lunch provided for them and their children, to get out of the house and to enjoy fun activities. The YPSP Play Groups run every week except for school holidays.

There is transport available and the cost of all services is free.

Current Young Parents Support Groups

The location and time of YPSP groups are subject to change depending on the community need.

Beerwah Young Parents Support Playgroup

Tuesdays 11:00am-1:00pm at Beerwah and District Youth and Community Centre, 32 Sports Ground Drive, Beerwah.

Maroochydore Young Parents Support Playgroup

Loving Life & Parenting Group

(children over 18 months)

Mondays 10:30-12:30 at 10 Allambie Street, Maroochydore.

Pregnancy Group

Wednesdays 10:30-12:30 at 10 Allambie Street, Maroochydore.

Growing Together Group

(children under 18 months)

Thursdays 10:30-12:30 at 10 Allambie Street, Maroochydore.