Urban Angels Community Kitchen

The Simple Gift of a Meal

Urban Angels Community Kitchen is a platform for bringing the community together, creating and distributing a ready stock of nutritious frozen meals for people who need support in this way.

It was developed from understanding the challenges faced where, as a result of illness, trauma or other significant difficulty, it becomes an ordeal to arrange a nutritious, balanced meal. As many who have experienced crisis can attest, the simple gift of a meal at difficult times can not only relieve the stress of the moment but also lift the spirits of those in need.

The benefits of the program extend beyond the recipients of the meals.

It's well established that the happiest and healthiest people are those who do the most for others. Community Kitchen has demonstrated that volunteers and benefactors are genuinely grateful to have an opportunity to contribute to their communities. 

The Program also fills a gap or need in their lives. Involvement in Community Kitchen promotes social connection, both for those who are receiving and for those who are giving; community building is taking place. Our volunteers enjoy coming together with other like-minded people to contribute.  New relationships are formed, new skills are learnt and individuals become more connected to their communities.

Other Benefits

The Community Kitchen Program is also a training platform to provide real life work experience, mentoring and training to people of all abilities. We provide a supportive environment with access to new skills and knowledge on how to prepare healthy and affordable meals for people from all walks of life.

In support of our Community Kitchen Program, and operating in tandem with it, we also operate a Social Enterprise catering business, with all proceeds supporting our various activities. The success of our catering business is of fundamental importance to the sustainability of our Community Kitchen. 

This keeps us focussed on always providing the best food at the best price with the best service, with emphasis on flexibility and tailor-made menus to suit any event or budget.

Contact Details

Level 2 - Centenary Square
52-64 Currie Street
Nambour Qld 4560

Phone 07 5452 7774