Bakery Transport Volunteer

We are currently in need of a volunteer to assist with the weekly collection of donated bread from a generous local bakery.

The role will entail:

  • Collection of breads, rolls, muffins, pastries and savouries from a local bakery in Bokarina.
  • Delivery of the donated items to the Housing Pathways Program in Bokarina.
  • Upon arrival at the Hub, food is to be sorted, wrapped and stored in the fridge for distribution to other Family Support Programs at a later date.
  • Vehicle, containers for transporting, and gloves are provided.

Skillset: Current Drivers Licence/Ability to lift and carry up to 8kgs/Customer Service
Hours: 2-hour shifts – 8pm-10pm
Days: Tuesday & Friday
Location: Bokarina, Sunshine Coast


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Housing Pathway Program Volunteers

Secured by the Department of Housing to provide temporary accommodation for individuals experiencing housing crisis, homeless and seeking support, the Hub has 42 rooms have been allocated for this purpose.

Through engagement with individuals, the objective is to try to support them into a more sustainable housing solution. This is done through assessment of their social, emotional, financial and housing circumstances and exploring opportunities with them to access accommodation the meets their requirements.

Volunteers will work collaboratively with staff and supporting organisations to provide coordinated responses to the needs of the residents residing at the facility.

Skillset: Admin / Customer Service / Food Prep / Counselling / Social Support
Hours: 3-hour shifts between 8.30am-7pm
Days: Monday to Sunday
Location: Bokarina, Sunshine Coast


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